Free counselling

Are you an entrepreneur about to start up your own company in the Struer area? Or do you already own a company here?

If yes, you can receive free counselling from an experienced business consultant at STARTVÆKST Struer.

Danish citizenship is not required to receive free advice from STARTVÆKST Struer, but we do expect that you start your business within the Municipality of Struer.

Next step - make a mini buiness plan 
Before contacting us to set up a counselling session, it is a good idea to put together a mini business plan.

This may help you structure your thoughts, and if you send it to us before a counseling session, it will help us get an insight into your thought process. This way, the counseling session will become more focused and we can use the time we have more effectively.

Mini Business Plan Web

Please book your counselling session by contacting our consultant Helle Toftgaard at
tel. (+45) 2924 8823 or by mail