Mini business plan

Structure your thoughts and get a more effectively counselling session.

It is a good idea to put together a mini business plan, before contacting us to set up a counselling session. This may help you structure your thoughts.

If you send it to us before a counseling session, it will gives us a good impression of you and your business, and you will probably receive better advice as a result.

Here is a template to af mini business plan, which you are welcome to download, fill out and send us. It consider important questions to ask your self before starting your own business.

Mini Business Plan Web

If you have already prepared a business plan or committed your plans or ideas to paper in some other way, you can send this instead.

We look forward to discuss your business ideas and what the next steps could be. Book your meeting today with consultant Helle Toftgaard at tel: (+45) 2924 8823 or at